00 Buckshot made by Nobel…..12 pellet

Lee Precision 00 Buck Shot-18 Mold

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Testing 12 gauge shotgun 00 buckshot in a ballistic gel format at a distance of 20 feet. Using SIM-TEST Ballistic Testing Media that has been recalibrated to match the properties of 10% ordinance gelatin. Brief review pre-shot followed by evaluation of the tested media, including penetration depths of all 9 lead pellets.

Filmed with two Sony HD AVCHD camcorders; HDR-CX560 at 28 mbps 60p and HDR-CX110 at 24 mbps.

EDITING: Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10, MP4, 30p, 16 mbps.

Here is the target, as originally shot at the range. You can see the large hole from the wad. This is very typical of the Estate 00 buckshot rounds.

Buckshot Sizes 00 00 Buckshot State Iii

  1. Sellier & Bellot Ammunition 12 Gauge 2-3/4" 00 Buckshot 9 Pellets

Yay! You're now following 00 buckshot in your .

For years, those of us that are interested have known that 00 buckshot was the “best available” load for most shooters for defensive purposes. Federal’s 00 buckshot load in their great FCW (Flight Control Wad) was the “best of the best”, as the FCW would hold the buckshot in the tightest patterns of any buckshot available.

I will shoot this ammo against some non-flight control wad ammo to show the difference. The other ammo is 00 buckshot, as I didn’t have any other #1 buck.