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A discussion in the PlayStation 3 Slim 120GB (Old Model) ..

The simple equation is a PS3 price-reduction plus more consumer spending equating to more games sold putting smiles on the face of developers. At some point should Sony offer a $199 PS3 model, absolutely! Hopefully sooner than later.

What better year for consumers to see a $199 PS3 than 2011? 3D Televisions have penetrated retailers, Playstation Move peripherals continue their steady sells climb and Sony now appears primed to offer their most impressive year of exclusives to date. For an upcoming year filled with the best the platform has to offer, pursuing the objective of getting the PS3 in as many homes as possible is still a necessity Sony needs to approach with an aggressive strategy.

$199 Game Consoles Aren’t Worth The Money You’re Saving

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$199 game consoles aren't worth the money you're saving; ..

The $199 PS3 this past week. Essentially, it's identical to the , but it includes only 12GB of flash memory, rather than the 250GB to 500GB hard drive found on the more-expensive model. Unlike the very first version of the console from 2006, the current PS3 trades the original slot-loading drive for a sliding plastic disc drive cover, only has two USB ports, lacks memory card support, and offers no ability to play PS2 games.

GameStop’s Black Friday ad has been leaked and its got some solid deals. $199 PS3 with 250GB HDD and The Last of Us plus Batman stands out as one of the better deals along with a $20 used 360 Kinect. No real deals on PS4/Xbox One which isn’t unexpected. You can check out the full ad below.