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Custom Bullets and Ammunition (Cambridge Ont) .38 SPECIAL CASINGS 11

This ammo is made with powder charges intended for 357 Magnums - just happen to be using 38 casings. These should never be fired in 38 Special revolvers. The way I avoid confusion of these is that these loads are only in nickel 38 Special casings with the Keith 172 grain SWC bullet - and the ammo is in boxing labeled clearly For 357 Magnum Revolvers Only.

Originally introduced as a military cartridge, the .38 Special has served as a law enforcement and military caliber since its inception. Jagemann .38 Special casings are popular with hand loaders for .38 Special or .357 Mangum firearms. This casing is ideal for self-defense and target shooting.


  • Open box of 9 mm pistol cartridges
  • 9 mm pistol with breach open on black
  • Open cardboard box with 3 row of 5 corrodes tipped 9mm pistol cartridges showing in white tray
  • World War 2 bullet hole in german pill box on the french coast
  • Small pistol, .22 caliber, with breach open
  • 9 mm pistol with breach open and 4 cartridges, isolated on white
  • 9 mm pistol shell casings on white background
  • 38 special shell casings

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A man later identified as Andre Menefield, 41, of Los Angeles, fled into a nearby apartment complex. The second suspect, Charles McGarity, 36, of Bakersfield, had five .38 Special shell casings in his pocket.

Police went to the home Orelly shares with his mother at 1:10 a.m. Dec. 30. She told police that Orelly was driving the car that night. After receiving consent to search the house, police found 41 “live” .38 special Winchester bullets and five spent .38 special bullet casings lying in plain view on top of Orelly’s belongings in a closet,police said. Orelly’s mother voluntarily gave the bullets and casings to police, the report said.