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Cisco MEM-CF-512MB 512MB Compact Flash Card

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Simple Technology's 512MB CompactFlash card has a suggested retail price of $1,599.00. Simple Technology cards come with a one-year warranty. The cards are available from Simple Technology () and its OEM Division, SiliconTech ().

Universal 512MB Compact Flash Card Compatible with 5500 Series Cisco by AddOn®. AddOn Cisco CISCO/512CF Compatible 512MB Factory Original Compact Flash - 100% compatible and guaranteed to work 5500

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  • Cisco MEM-CF-512MB 512MB Compact Flash Card
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    The 512MB CompactFlash card, with its reliability and durability, is also a perfect fit for our OEM customers who manufacture routers, switches, Compact PCI- and VME-based boards used in telecom/networking and other embedded computing systems. These systems eagerly consume the high capacity of the 512MB card by storing dedicated firmware and information that need to be protected and remotely accessed on the field with no interruption to the service. Users of such systems such as banks, telcos and other information- sensitive users, have to rely on durability and 10-year data retention of these types of flash cards to protect against down time and loss of valuable corporate information. Simple Technology assures the broadest level of card functionality, independent of environmental conditions, offering cards that span commercial, extended and industrial temperature ranges.

    FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Dec. 13 -- Kingston� Technology Company the expansion of its Flash memory product line with the introduction of high- capacity ATA Flash cards ranging up to 512MB. The new cards set a new low price point at approximately .73/MB for a 512MB ATA Flash card (224MB flash card is .00, 320MB flash card is .00 448MB flash card is ,240.00, 512MB flash card is ,400.00)