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Six volt starters require twice the electrical flow to operate properly. Don’t blame your six volt system for slow unacceptable starter motor speed! Many restorers go to the expense of changing their 6 volt system to 12 volts. They feel their original system was inferior and believe what they did was necessary. The problem could have been corrected with just adding the three proper cables.

DANGER: Jumping 6 volt vehicle with a 12 volt battery can be done at a “maximum” of 15 Seconds! After that the solder in the commutator begins to melt, some wiring insulation is turning black, and the starter switch may be turning blue. Connect the 12 volt cables “ONLY” when you are ready to start the engine. Have a person ready to immediately to remove one of the 12 volt cables the second it becomes running. Remember: Not over 15 seconds or parts of your 6 volt system are cooked.

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Ok I will try this again (hopefully I dont get flamed) I have a 65' that has yet to be converted to 12 volt. Eventually I will be converting to 12 volt, I would like to start this car and dont have a 6 volt battery, and dont have the 95 dollars that the parts store wants for one. If I disconnect the voltage regulator and install a twelve volt coil would that be enough to get this thing started at least? and I would also like to go through the wires and make sure everything is kosh. thanks in advance. George

How do you convert a 6 volt electrical system to 12 volt?

Remember: Millions of cars and trucks were made with 6 volt electrical systems each year. If they had not operated correctly they would have come with 12 volt systems!

You guys are good. The batteries are outside. The boat is on Lk Powell in Southern Utah where high temps are in the 100s F during the summer and there is no lack of sun. The load on the battery bank is actually pretty minimal, I feel. No TV, microwave and all appliances are 110 v on the generator only, no inverter. All lights are 12 volt flourescent or whatever they put in RVs that have round bulbs and maybe 5 run at the same time in the evenings. The marine radio and car stereo system with no amp are the biggest draw and run most of the time until sleeping. Water pump is 12 v on demand for sink, shower and toilets. The boat was a rental that we purchased and are trying to fix and upgrade. We installed the solar panels to help charge the batteries as the only other charging mechanism was the generator or the outboard rectifiers that were disconnected because they are expensive to replace when you fry one from over use. From what I learned from this website about batteries, I'm sure we have a battery issue, old and new mixed and a mixture of wiring to hook them up in parallel. I want to rebuild the system to solve the low voltage situation in the late evening everyday. Space is an issue as the battery box can just hold 3 pickup truck size batteries. I can modify it if I need to, but that is where I need help. What size do I expand to or is this space enough and I just have to buy the right batteries? Some of the boats on the lake don't have any power issues and also power a small house chest freezer on an inverter with less solar panels than I have with no generator. These guys were the ones telling me about the 6 volt battery system they are running that handles this and that is all the info I have as I never looked at what they had on the boat. I want to duplicate this in the most cost effective and efficient manner.