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Additionally the Saint Jude Program is a third of the cost of private drug treatment. Swanky accommodations does not mean a better solution for drug problems and the same mentality goes for low-end or free programs. Free is not always better. The St Jude Program will give you back control of your life so you can build the life you want. You will find purpose and happiness in your life. Give the alternative to affordable drug treatment centers, the St Jude Retreats, a call for more information and find out about our satisfaction guarantee.

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Affordable drug treatment centers

Many affordable drug treatment centers offer a detox program and require a medical detox before you enter their rehab program. Some programs offer drugs to help detox which can reduce withdrawal symptoms. These drugs, however, are typically opiates and other narcotics that may create a chemical dependence, meaning withdrawal signs will be present if you discontinue use.

It is important to know that your alcohol and drug use habits are controlled by you. Addiction is culturally accepted in our society as a disease, yet it is the only disease where simply by making a choice all symptoms can disappear. Treatment programs tout that you have lost the power of choice over drugs and they force you to accept that you are powerless over them. The idea of being powerless is the centralized theme to their treatment and it is the primary reason they are unsuccessful. This is not the only idea that affordable drug treatment centers will portray incorrectly.