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At 2-4 years of age, your child may be ready for a tricycle. An alternative to a tricycle is a balance bike, which has two wheels and no pedals. Balance bikes are powered by a child moving their feet along the ground, and they help kids develop balance to prepare to ride regular bikes.

In addition to bikes, Walmart carries cycling accessories, including bike locks, lights and reflectors, activity trackers and more, as well as helmets and other protective gear. With Every Day Low Prices on everything you need for a great bike ride, Walmart has you covered.

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Bikes come up to 90 percent assembled. If you don't feel confident working on your bike, we suggest you take it to a local bike shop for final assembly & safety checks. How much Assembly? CLICK HERE for sample assembly instructions and videos CLICK HERE for a special price on the full Video DVD/CD and Folding Mini ToolKit

When Bikes are Allowed on the MBTA

You'll also have to decide what type of bike best suits your needs. are great choices for general fitness and have trim, low-resistance . have wide tires with treads to grip different surfaces, which is a great advantage for off-road cycling. Hybrid bikes have tires that are bigger and more textured than those of road bikes but smaller than those of typical mountain bikes, allowing for comfort, durability and speed. Comfort have wide tires and seats and upright handlebars for a relaxed ride. are lightweight, durable bikes designed for sports and excitement.

One basic choice you'll have to make is between a gearless and multi-speed bike. Gearless bikes are simple to handle and are popular among beginners and young riders. Multi-speed bikes give you a range of gears so that you can adapt to changing road conditions.