10 Full-Body BOSU Ball Exercises

BOSU Balance Trainer, Blue


Here are my 10 favourite Bosu ball exercises:

Side Plank time is listed per side. This Bosu Ball workout is meant to help strengthen your core and stabilize your muscles. Stabilization workouts not only improve your strength but they help to prevent injury as well.

Most of all, Bosu ball training is fun. Something about balancing on that soft, yielding, wobbly surface makes even the most serious exerciser smile. Start following this Bosu Ball Workout Plan today!

Start: The same position as the BOSU ball back crunch (above).

 "Great for kids too!" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Minnesota
They have a kid's BOSU class at the YMCA and my 8 year old daughter absolutely loves it!
 "Incredible piece of equipment" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from Southern California
I don't own one ... yet! But as with the other reviewer, I use it regularly at the gym. I had seen these advertised and thought they were just another silly creation to generate fitness sales from a naive public. My personal trainer set one in front of me a few weeks ago and I laughed. Fifteen minutes later I was panting while saying that I had to have one at home. Perform your simplest exercises on top of a bosu ball and you'll feel the difference. The variety of ways it can be used is pretty impressive for such a simple design -- right-side up, upside-down, stand on it, sit on it, crunches, lifts, think of a move and try it on a bosu ball. Great way to improve balance, core strength, and intensify your workouts. Can't wait to purchase one for my own use at home and also to see how the kids turn playtime into fitness time.
 "essential fitness tool" 
- Reviewed By An Amazon User from San Francisco, CA
I don't own one of these, but I use them at the gym every chance I get. I'm a big fan of trying new things to stay in shape, and the BOSU trainer is amazing ... balance is crucial to many different things, and the BOSU is a great way to prep for the snowboarding season, work on surfing technique, and simply train your core muscles in ways that you never knew possible. This should be a part of everyone's routine.

The BOSU Ballast Ball includes foot pump and workout DVD.

I’m also fairly certain that you’ve never used a Bosu ball before, at least not of your own accord. If you have a trainer, he or she may have gotten you to do a few reps of something on one, but us regular gym-going folk tend to look at the contraption and see a whole lot of question marks.

Pick up the BOSU ball with the handles, making sure the ball side is facing the ground. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, shoulders back, and chest out. Squat down, bringing the BOSU ball to the floor, with the ball-side down. Jump back into a plank position, perform a push-up, and then jump or step your feet back to a low squat. From here, you’ll stand straight up and bring the ball straight overhead. Repeat as many times as you can for 30 to 60 seconds.