Braun Syncro Shaver System Clean & Renew Refills

Braun Syncro Shaver System Clean & Renew Refills Shaver Refills 3 Pack


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A new Braun 30B Syncro foil and cutter blades will make your Braun Syncro razor shave like new! Braun recommends replacing the cutter blades and foil every 12 months to keep you looking good.

The Braun Syncro Shaver replacement Clean and Charge base that holds the cleaning fluid cartridge and recharges the shaver. This Braun Syncro Shaver base only works with Braun Syncro shavers model/type numbers: 5301, 5491, 5492, 5493, 5494, 7497, 7504, 7505, 7520, 7526, 7540, 7546, 7564, 7570, 7630, 7640, 7650, 7664, 7680, 7690, 7763, 7765, 7783, 7785, 7790

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  • Braun Syncro Shaver 9090cc 1st Impression/Shave August 2015

    Braun 7000-Series Syncro Shaver Replacement Foil & Cutter Set contains foil and cutterblock. Replacing the Foil and Cutter Block every 18 months will ensure that you are getting the close, quick and comfortable shave you expect from your Braun Shaver Fits all Braun Syncro Shavers.

    If you consider purchasing the , I suggest that you also purchase the Braun Synchro Shaver System Clean and Renew Refills. This will prove to be effective in keeping the shaving head as clean as possible when it is not being used.