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According to another aspect of the invention, an air bubble massage bathtub mat is provided for an air bubble massage system that provides compressed air to the mat when the mat is disposed in the bathtub. The mat includes a flexible member having at least two layers defining a plurality of air passages. The mat includes a receptacle through which compressed air is provided to the air passages. A plurality of air holes are formed in the air passages through which compressed air is emitted from the air passages into the bathtub. A plurality of flexible blocks are secured to or within the flexible member at spaced locations adjacent the air passages.

According to another aspect of the invention, the system provides for convenient storage of component parts. The mat is formed of a flexible material, such as a soft vinyl, that may be rolled up for storage. A recess may also be formed on the housing of the air pump for storing the remote control unit. A bracket may also be provided for the remote control unit that is adapted to be secured to a supporting surface spaced from the housing but preferably within the easy reach of a bather using the air bubble massage bathtub mat system.

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Referring now to FIG. 1, an air bubble massage bathtub mat system 10 is shown. The system 10 includes a mat 12 and blower/air heater unit 14. The mat 12 is connected to the blower/air heater unit 14 by a hose 16 that directs compressed air from the blower/air heater unit 14 into the mat 12. A remote control unit 18 is provided to permit a bather to remotely control the blower/air heater unit 14.

According to one aspect of the present invention an air bubble massage bathtub mat system is provided that may have a remote control. The system includes an air pump that provides a source of compressed air to a mat having at least one air passage and a plurality of air outlet holes. A hose connects the air pump to the air passage in the mat and a controller is provided for controlling operation of the air pump. A remote control unit is provided that communicates by an infrared digital signal with the controller.