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There are many different models of car battery chargers, but the most important feature when trying to choose the best one is whether it will actually jump the battery of a car. All battery chargers claim to perform this basic function, but a good way to find out how well the battery charger actually works is to look at customer reviews of the product. Some chargers work more like general tools and include air compressors and other car tools, which can be useful in an emergency. Other features, like the size or weight of the charger, should be considered secondary to this primary function.

Most people who want a car battery charger are looking for a portable device that they can carry with them and use on the go or at home in case of a dead battery. These chargers can help reduce the chances that you will have to flag down a stranger to get a jump, which can be useful both for convenience and safety. It is very difficult to gauge how well a charger will work without trying it for an extended period of time, which is why it is a good idea to look into reviews before purchasing any particular model.

Save 10% on a Portable Car Battery Jumpstarter with Purchase

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Save 20% on a Portable Car Battery Jumpstarter with Purchase

When purchasing a new car battery, confirm that the negative and positive terminal posts are on the same side of the battery as your old one. Connecting the battery reversed can cause serious damage to your car. For your own safety, purchase a battery that has had the premixed and added by the retailer, and is already partially charged.

One problem to look out for when choosing a car battery charger is whether the charger will jump a completely dead battery. Many chargers have only enough power to jump a drained battery, but not a completely dead one. This can be a major and frustrating problem when using these devices.