E6000 Glue this is what you want to use!

E6000® Craft Adhesive 3.7 oz

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E6000 Glue. This glue, pictured below, is the most amazing crafting glue I have ever used. Most of my D.I.Y. projects outlaw the use of glue, but I'll make an exception for a project as crafty as finger puppets.

Already had laying around the house:
1 ball point pen
1 sewing needle
1 spool of thread
1 button
1 pair of scissors
1 tube of E6000 glue (This is $2.56 in the Walmart crafting department by wood glues) (This is the best crafting glue around.)

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E6000 Glue 4.90 E6000 Glue Tip .45

3 Ways to Remove E6000 Glue - wikiHow

The final step before the armor’s assembly was inserting LED lights, and adding padding to a number of the pieces with canvas and foam material. Finally, the armor was assembled using an E6000 glue, and the articulated pieces were connected using canvas strips. The ultimate effect of the assembled armor being worn is truly awe-inspiring for a number of reasons. That is, not only is the Sovereign Armor an incredible 3D printing feat, but it shows other designers and makers, especially female ones, what can be achieved with a simple vision and a lot of determination.

9. Get your alligator hair clip, E6000 glue and put a dollop of glue on the clip, then place the flower on top. (Tip: You can wrap the clip with ribbon to soften the feel on your daughter's head)