4 gang extension cord with universal outlet and switch.

Axis Power Cord Cable (45505)


Prime's brand of premium high quality extension cords.

About 3,000 home fires originate from extension cords each year in the United States, killing an average of 50 people and injuring about 270 more, Chase said.

If you’ve run out of spots to hide all of the extension cords that connect your various electronics at home, you may as well pick up something eye-catching. Enter BLESS with its M Special Extension Cord. With a surge protector and six separate plugs, the power strip is marked by what looks like a mess of exposed, tightly wound multicolored wires (they’re actually made of leather) so you can channel your inner Morpheus and make your setup look like the interior of the Nebuchadnezzar. The BLESS cord is now available from .

Household-use indoor extension cords.

  • Cool Colors Outdoor Extension Cords - Coleman Cable


    12 gauge 15-amp cords manufactured with brilliant neon colored gloss on a flexible weather resistant vinyl SJTW jacket. These cool colors help prevent loss or theft on just anywhere.

  • Extension cords for outdoor lawn and garden applications.

    If you want to get power where it's going, you're going to need cables. It just so happens that we stock quite a few cables for all your power needs. Whether you need power to travel a few inches or hundreds of feet, we'll keep you connected. We've got standard extension cords to power your vacuum cleaner and toaster oven, power & industrial cables for your welding robot, crane, or milling machine, even , if that's your thing. The choice, as they say, is yours. And to keep it all wrapped up and organized, check out our .

    The fire at the two-story house at 1627 W. Fifth St. began upstairs shortly before 9 p.m. because of an overloaded extension cord, said Ashtabula Fire Capt. Stephen Chase of the Fire Prevention Bureau.