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Ergonomic Aluminium Portable Foldable Cooling X-Stand for 12"-17" Laptops, Notebook PC, MacBook

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Dell's XPS 11 Thinnest Foldable Laptop Review - YouTube

ROLLTOP inc. company has decided to launch a rolling and foldable laptop with ports and connectors .. this mega ultrabook combined notebook features a wide high core processors for quality performance

But for the traveler — laptops are a necessity. Those of us on the go need to pay special attention to minimize risk and still find healthy ways to use a laptop by using a foldable laptop table (while standing) and sacrificing some neck posture for proper wrist and back positioning.

Dell's XPS 11 Thinnest Foldable Laptop Review

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While both the Varidesk Laptop 30 and Uptrak Sit Stand Desk mentioned on our are two of our favorite adjustable height laptop desks, they’re large, heavy and are not exactly designed with a traveler in mind. We seeked out and found two very different foldable laptop tables for standing that fit the bill combining the features that meet all our needs.

The most interesting addition to the line is the XPS 11, which is a foldable hybrid laptop similar to the Lenovo Yoga. Dell has an interesting twist, though, and it's the keyboard: The XPS 11 has a keyboard with flat touch-sensitive keys that don't move when you type — similar to the Microsoft Surface . The ideas is that when you use the machine in tablet mode, you don't get the disconcerting effect of touching keys on the back of your tablet.