400239F Full Bed 88.75” x 56.00” x 51.75”

Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation/Platform Bed Frame/Box Spring Replacement/Quiet Noise-Free/Maximum Under-bed Storage, Full


Lounge Upholstered Full Bed, Stone:

Add storage space easily with the addition of full storage beds. Keep off-season clothing and other items organized and out of the way with these convenient and trendy beds. Free Shipping.*

I purchased 2 full size beds for my young teenagers. Having looked in many furniture stores I was dismayed at the poor quality available for a reasonable price. These beds are all wood, have a center support beam and many cross slats. Wow! Even my husband, who had to put them together, was impressed. You will need to drill the holes in the bed to attach the pre-drilled slats, but it was a breeze. It took him about an hour to assemble each bed with the kids helping by holding things in place. I was a bit worried about damage in transit but there was none. Each box was encased in sheets of inch thick sheets of styrofoam. The kids love them, especially the low profile, and they fit in with both "boy" and "girl" decor. I loved no new box spring to buy and they are low enough to the ground that stuff doesn't get shoved under them! They look WAY more expensive than they cost. A true bargain that I am sure will serve them for years.

jordan III full corner bed - excellent

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Can I use a queen mattress on this full platform bed?

beautiful work! your talent is so evident in the fact that you can make those lucha posters look good and vibe with the room!! question: it looks like the headboard you used is different from the headboard in the mood board? i’d love to see a link to the one in the photos (and the full bed/footboard, too)!!

I purchased the full size stone (grey) color bed. The two large boxes fit okay in my Honda CRV and were more awkward than heavy. The directions were easy enough and it took me a couple of hours to organize and piece it all together. It's not a high-end piece of furniture so expect things like some splintered wood under the zippered backboard when screwing the top half and bottom together. It's not terrible and easy enough to smooth out if necessary. I didn't have to do that although I read in one review that the splinters were poking through the headboard. That wasn't true for me with the bed I got. The tufted headboard and side board are very flimsy and could use extra stuffing but I'm okay with the way it is. Be aware that it really doesn't look like the stock photo on the site. I have some toss pillows I purchased and will add those to the headborad and sideboard. The tufted part of the headboard and sideboard is attached with velcro and allows it to stay in place quite nicely. There is also a zipper in the back of the headboard and sideboard when lifted so you can easily add more stuffing for a fluffier feel. Be sure you know which wall you want the sideboard to be against otherwise you'll find yourself unscrewing the entire bed. Unfortunately, in the color stone grey I chose, the side rail is not a solid color since it's meant to go against the wall. ( see photo ) However, it's easy enough to install the side board to the headboard on whichever side is chosen. I'm not sure about things in the black color version of the bed, though, and if the same problem exists regarding the off-colored side rail. The bed slats are put together with plastic shields that snap into place along the bed frame and sides. It's sturdier than I had initially thought and had over 590 pounds of combined weight on the full bed at one time without any creaks or movement. It is lower to the floor than I had anticipated even with my extra thick mattress, but it's still easy enough to get up off it. A little higher would have been ideal but this is okay. Overall I really like the bed and it meets all my needs. It's perfect for kids especially teens and preteens and great for college dorms perhaps in the twin size. It has that cozy feel and makes a great lounge for relaxing, reading, or just hanging out.