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This is a list of some of the new, fun girl toys

In , Dinella looked at how color influenced kids’ toy choices. When the researchers presented kids with pink girl toys and blue boy toys, girls picked the pink ones and boys picked the blue ones. But when the researchers painted the boy toys pink, the girls played with them. “Pink gave girls permission to play with all toys,” she said.

This finding comes despite recent discussion about which toys boys and girls should be allowed to play with. As Todd explained in the study, there’s been an uncertainty about whether boys and girls prefer toys tied to their own gender and how that affects a child’s development. This piece of research shows that yes, indeed, children are drawn to toys that match their gender.

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    Of course, the reason why children stick with the toys that fit their gender may stem from societal beliefs. A 2013 study out of Plataforma SINC found that modern toy commercials , with girl toys highlighting “beauty” and boys toys promoting “strength and power.”