Goya Pink Beans - 29 oz. can, 12 cans per case

Goya Black Beans - Frijoles Negros 15.5 Oz Pack of 6


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Hey, Goya, this is what I recently experienced inside a can of Goya beans, a disturbing sight inside the Goya Pigeon Peas. On Wednesday, January 16th at about 6:45 pm, I opened and poured the beans directly into the pot. As I moved the beans around a few times adding salt and other spices, I noticed a large green worm, longer than 1 inch. I screamed so loud that my husband & kids ran over to see what was wrong. We were all in disgust and surprised that this could have been inside a can of Goya beans.

I have been using Goya black beans on a regular basis for years. A few weeks ago, I opened a can, cooked it and when eating it, found a very sharp piece of metal in the beans. It punctured a small spot on the inside of my mouth and also my finger when I was examining it. I contacted Goya and after many phone calls, emails, etc., I was told it didn't really matter because no medical treatment was needed. I was ** out of luck and did not even recoup the cost of the beans. I will never buy Goya again. Disgusting and rude people, and dangerous item in can.

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    Oh! I love Goya. I have to say Goya makes some of the best tasting seasonings I have ever had. For this dish I decided to season up the Goya Red beans for a little extra tasting flavor without adding any salt and only using 3 ingredients. Serves 6-8.

    My taste comparison showed that canned black beans are softer, saltier, and lighter in color with smoky flavors. Goya canned beans may have got the smoky flavor by roasting or toasting its beans before cooking. The canned black beans may have looked lighter in color because Goya may have used usual method of reducing flatulence in beans by boiling them in excess water, throwing out the water and cooking again in the fresh water. Please note it often results in loss of natural nutrients.