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CRUCIAL CT2KIT25664AA800 4GB (2GB x 2) 240-pin DDR2 800mhz Non-ECC 1.8V CL6 Desktop Memory Module

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HP Pavilion Elite m9100t Desktop

Adding memory will improve your HP Pavilion Elite Series m9100t's performance. Specifically, it will speed up opening new applications, running multiple applications at once, and switching between software applications (multi-tasking).

One task that additional memory speeds up is opening a new software application. Let's take this as an example. When you open a new application on your HP Pavilion Elite Series m9100t, your computer's CPU fetches the application from the hard drive and stores it in RAM memory. It stores it in RAM because RAM is very fast relative to the hard drive. When RAM gets full, and you open a new application then the CPU needs to kick out one of your open applications, put it back on the slow hard drive, fetch the new application from the hard drive, and place the new application in RAM. Basically, it swaps the applications.

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(1)  Internet access required and sold separately.

As HD DVD and Blu-ray are new formats containing new technologies, certain disc, digital compatibility and/or performance issues may arise, and do not constitute defects in the product. playback on all systems is not guaranteed. In order for some HD DVD and Blu-ray titles to require a DVI or HDMI digital connection and the display may require HDCP support.

(3) HP Pavilion Elite m9100t series combination optical drive that plays both HD-DVD and Blu-ray DVDs can be purchased as an optional add-on feature during configuration.
(4) Availability of signals limited by the strength and accessibility of the originating TV signal, location and other factors. Performance issues may arise and do not constitute defects in the product.
(5) For hard drives, GB = 1 billion bytes. Actual formatted capacity is less. Personal and Pocket Media drives sold separately.
(6) Weight will vary by configuration.
(7) Docking station sold separately.
(8) HD content required to view HD images.

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Memory or RAM is a piece of hardware in your HP Pavilion Elite Series m9100t that holds software applications that you are working on. It serves as temporary working space between your computer's hard drive and CPU.

How many banks and sockets does my HP Pavilion Elite Series have?
Your HP Pavilion Elite Series m9100t has 4 banks of 4 sockets each for a total of 4 memory sockets.