Inflatable Human Hamster Ball HB03

HolleywebTM Blue Bubble Soccer Ball Dia 5' (1.5m) Human Inflatable Bumper Bubble Balls

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This Giant Inflatable Human Hamster Ball features 10 transparent windows for improved visibility, along with 1 entry and 1 exit for greater security. Can support weights up to 150 LBS / 68 kg. Constructed of heavy-duty plastic for safer play. Recommended for ages 5 and up.

is the sport of plot inside a giant inflatable ball. Its great for, Zorb Ball also namedInflatable grass plot ballland ballgiant inflatable human hamster ballBubble Football, Body Zorbing Football, Soccer Bubble, Body zorb ball, Bumperz Ball etc. Zorb Balls are very popular between children and adults for sporting and recreation.

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  • Giant Inflatable Human Hamster Ball
  • China Inflatable Human Hamster Ball - China zorb ball, roller ball

    Zorbing(globe-riding, sphereing, orbing, zorb) is the recreation or sport of rolling downhill inside an orb, a giant inflatable ball, zorb globe, giant inflatable human hamster ball, generally made of transparent plastic. It’s great for using down hills, parks, play areas, football pitches and zorbing ramp, zorbing orbit. We also can provide you zorb balls for use on water(Aqua Zorb, Hydro Zorb, Glow Zorb, Shining Zorb).

    Adult Inflatable Football Human Bumper Ball Sports For Summer Specifications Bumper Ball is where teams of people get together to play football or soccer wearing giant bubbles ...