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uxcell® Inline Skate Wheel 15/64" Shaft Hex Socket Screw 2 Pcs

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Best Roller Skate Replacement Parts & Accessories for Sale

Rather than buying a brand new pair of skates due to the smallest amount of damage, have a go at repairing them yourself. It is a more cost-effective option and can be done easily with a little knowledge and some of the inline skate parts and bearings available. Or spice up your skates by fitting them with a custom colour kit and some high quality inline skate bearings. We also have the necessary tools to attach new bearings along with liners and heel dampers to ensure a comfier fit.

As well as selling our own products, you can buy inline bearings online from some of the skating industry’s finest brands. From Seba liners, custom colour kits and screws, to bearings from Bones, Enuff and other top suppliers, all such parts provide a quality and long-lasting solution. Have a browse through the inline skate parts and roller blade bearings available and place your order today. Those over £50 receive free delivery.

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Repair or customise your damaged skates with the broad collection of bearings and inline skate parts for sale here at Proline Skates. From roller blade bearings to liners for the inside of your skates, everything you need to fix and customise them is available at affordable prices in our online store. If you’re after something specific then use the filter options on the left hand side to find it quickly and easily. Narrow your search based on the product’s price, size, brand and colour where appropriate, whether you need inline skate bearings or other parts and tools.

In this section you would find various inline skate parts and related accessories designed to make your skating sessions safer, to protect your skates and to enable you to have more fun.