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Lego Fire is one of the major sub themes of Lego City. Every year the company will release more Lego Fire sets, with the major set – the Lego Fire Station, almost always in production. The heroic and often selfless nature of a firefighters job is something kids can look up to as an example of the best of human nature.

Like millions of children around the world, Instructables member son is a big LEGO fan. And like millions of families around the world the father and son often end up spending a lot of time sorting through their piles of LEGO just to get the parts they want to use. So Tez_Gelmir decided to build the LEGO Creation Station.

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2 Story Modular Lego Train Station
** Fully Furnished & Highly Customizable **

  • Each floor is removable like all standard Lego modular sets.
  • Ground level info booth, ticket counter, restroom and sitting areas.
  • Top floor has main sitting area, patio, snack bar and vending machine.
  • Optional walkway bridge connects train station with rear platform
  • You can built the Lego train station with one or two sets of train tracks in mind.
  • Total of 4 videos and over 80 pictures.
  • Designed in the same dimensions as the other popular Lego modular buildings.
  • Designed to be both a corner building or in between other modular Lego sets.

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There is so much in this set to keep kids interested and engaged and it is big enough to have a certain presence that will give kids a feeling of being in the story they are creating. The pure fun this set provides is balanced by the and that makes the Lego Police Station the Best Lego City Set for 2011.

The approximately two-foot (0.6-meter) long model, which replicated the nearly 360-foot (110-meter) space station was more than just a toy. Accompanied by other building brick sets that were launched last year, the LEGO space station was part of an between the Danish toy company and NASA.