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Logitech Cordless MouseMan Pro Serial is an input device that is compatible with Windows 98/XP/NT and 2000 platform. It is a Logitech product. For the convenience of right hand users the device comes with a sloped surface and a thumb button. With a slope shape, a user's wrist and hand are able to remain at a comfortable position in the process of operating the device. With the thumb button users are able to easily access the HyperJump feature on the device. The device does not make use of infrared. With the radio communication technology, the device does not require a line of sight to connect with other devices. In addition, the device has dependable radio technology. Logitech Cordless MouseMan Pro Serial comes with a full size ball that makes tracking that much easier. The MouseWare 7.2 software is provided with the device.

On the Logitech Cordless MouseMan Pro Serial input device, a receiver can be inconspicuously attached that will be capable of receiving signals from the mouse from a distance of six feet away. Logitech Cordless MouseMan Pro Serial provides 4 channels of 27 Mhz band. With the channels the Logitech Cordless MouseMan Pro Serial is able to eliminate any interference emanating from nearby radio equipment and devices. The MouseWare 7.2 software provided with the device comes with the HyperJump function can be assigned by a user to any of the three buttons on the device. The function enables a user to access such Windows commands as Start, Menu Bar, Resize, Recall Last Task and Minimize. When users select the SmartMove feature on the Logitech Cordless MouseMan Pro Serial, they are able to move the cursor from one logical active command and onto the next. It is highly recommended you for and Logitech Cordless MouseMan Pro Serial errors before installing any driver updates.

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    Is it time for a new keyboard and mouse? You can fling a stone and whack two birds at once with a package that includes both of them. Some of these “desktops” include your standard keyboard and mouse, while others include something more creative, more expensive, and more ergonomic. The Logitech Cordless Wave Pro Desktop includes the Wave Cordless Keyboard and the new MX1100 Cordless Laser Mouse. Both units are wireless, sync up via the same receiver (2.4GHz), and sport matching colors to complement your deskspace.

    The Logitech Cordless MediaBoard Pro Bluetooth keyboard is an accessory many PS3 users would appreciate greatly. The MediaBoard Pro keyboard is versatile enough to be used in the office with a Bluetooth enabled PC, but navigating the Playstation Network is where this keyboard excels – light years ahead of using the basic PS3 controller.