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Mimi Pet Cat Litter Silica Gel Crystals, Ultra Absorbent & Lightweight, 4-Pound Bag

Too low to display

A pet owner's home had no smell at all.

Comments about Makall Mimi Cat Litter: I have found many brands to be more than sufficient for my cats, but I thought I would try Makall Mimi on a whim, and I was ...

Makall Mimi Litter - Zootoo. I have had a huge problem with cat liter. My cats are slobs and track liter around the house. Also they aren't great at covering their ...

This brings me to crystal litter

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From what I have gathered it is great with odor control

Comments about Makall Mimi Cat Litter: I had never seen this litter before until I was shopping online one day and it was recommended to me since I'd purchased other ...