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Mobile phones have been around for quite a few years, initially as car phones. You may have the handset in your vehicle, but the main works of the phone, a huge , was mounted usually in the boot.

When mobile phones were first introduced to the general public in 1973, they were naturally much and bulkier than those we slip into our pockets today. I bought my first mobile phone in 1989, and it was what they called a “”. It was portable, more so than a car phone, but not something you could just walk around with and carry on your person.

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    I am going to make a prediction, a bold statement into the future of mobile phones. It will be based on sound research and observation, but as predictions go, you can always have egg on your face and be completely wrong. I however, am willing to take that risk.

    Then the mobile carriers introduced pay as you go or PAYG, in , first again by Vodophone. The carriers also introduced better monthly contracts. If you did PAYG, you had to purchase a phone, which then were not cheap, and just top-up your minutes as you use them. Mobile carrier at the time Up2You sold a mobile phone with no contract for £179.99! Top-ups were £20 and calls cost 50p per minute any time of day. Not cheap.