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If you can only replace two tires on your car, where should you place the newer two tires? Watch this tire safety test be conducted at the Michelin Proving Grounds.

Besides the oil, tires are probably the most frequently replaced item on your vehicle. Depending on how you drive they can last several years with several thousand miles on them. However for the more aggressive drivers, their tires need to be replaced every couple years. Regardless we have all heard through the grapevine how expensive new tires can be and it’s definitely something we dread having to do.

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Wipe New Tires is the first consumer tire dressing that features a nano-polymer, rather than silicon-based formula. This fundamental difference from competing brands results in a product with unmatched performance and durability. Wipe New Tires will last for 6 months or over 100 car washes, guaranteed! Another benefit to this technological innovation is that Wipe New Tires cures to a dry, non-greasy finish that doesn’t attract dust or pollen, won’t sling onto your car’s paint, and won’t crack, chip, peel or flake off. For customer testimonials search: #wipenew

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Wipe New Tires Will Perform As Promised For Six Months From Date of Purchase, Or Your Money Back (some exclusions apply – complete terms and conditions enclosed in each box).