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Newborn Cloth Diapering: The Basics – Dirty Diaper Laundry

Velcro/Hook and Loop/ Aplix/ Touch Tape. These are all the names for what we all commonly call . On newborn diapers, a velcro option is great because it is easiest to use for everyone. With an entire area to choose from, you can get a perfect fit around the tiny waist by pulling it tightly and then securing. The downside is that depending on the diaper, the velcro could rub the tummy or the umbilical stump of the baby if it rolls down at all and faces their skin. Knowing this in advance, you can keep an eye out and make adjustments if you see this happening.

For older babies and toddler snapping diapers are superior to velcro diapers because they are durable and prevent babies from removing their own diapers. For newborns, it is more of a toss-up and up to user preference. Snaps are more durable but the span of time the diapers are in use is shortened to just a few months. If you’d like these to continue being used for the next child, or for re-sale, snaps could still be a better option for heavy use over many children. Newborn snapping diapers do have the advantage of often coming with an umbilical stump snap down which give the stump room without rubbing the diaper. I showed many snapping options like the GroVia newborn, Smart Bottoms, Lil’ Joey, and Kissaluvs. The downside to snaps is that they are harder to put on for new parents and older caregivers. On newborn diapers, this is magnified since the diaper is tiny and the baby is tiny! Plus babies love to froggy leg, making any diaper change more challenging.

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To save money and have your diapers fit from birth and beyond early infancy there is the “dual-sized” diaper option. These diapers aren’t newborn diapers but they aren’t full one sizes either. usually begin fitting babies around 6 pounds and last up to 20. Examples are Applecheeks Size 1 and Thirsties Duo Wraps and All-in-One’s in Size 1. One of my favorites for my son was the Happy Heiny Mini One Size (not shown in the video.)

In the video I also mentioned ways to save on newborn diapers such as diaper rental programs, diaper services, and buying used. If you want more resources on this topic there is a post already: