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A completely open hardware and open source software cell phone

In a message to the community, OpenMoko CEO Sean Moss-Pultz explained how things with the open source mobile phone are to go from this point on.

There are many types of open source mobile phone OS that allows to users to use latest technology to do daily activities. Starting from the Nokia, OpenMoko, Tizen, and so on makes their space in the heart of users and claims there is a need among component makers, manufacturers, and operators for another platform. All of them are open source like Android, but anyone can have an impact, let’s see through this post.

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    Openmoko, a manufacture of open source mobile phone, has announced that they have shipped their latest Linux-based handset to five major distributors to target broader audience. Named Neo FreeRunner, the phone has been shipped to Pulster, Golden Delicious Computers and TRIsoft located in Germany, Bearstech in France and IDA Systems based in India.

    OpenMoko shows us more detail of the Neo1973, an open source mobile phone. The Neo1973 is a GSM phone running the OpenMoko OS, a open source platform.