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The Prevail Adult brief is a full fitting ..

Designed for maximum protection against heavy incontinence, Prevail Adult Briefs are a full-fitted brief that features an advanced zoning system to effectively wick away moisture and maintain skin integrity. The Easy-Lock fasteners easily and securely grip the outer fabric of the diaper to ensure a snug fit.

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First Quality has introduced the largest disposable adult diaper on the market: The Prevail Bariatric Adult Brief for Moderate to Heavy Incontinence. With the same performance that you've come to expect from Prevail, the new Prevail Bariatric Adult Brief will comfortably stretch and fits bariatric-sized wearers up to 94 inches. They have wide, soft, stretch panels for a more secure and comfort fit. Finally, a real solution for bariatric-sized wearers!

Prevail Adult diapers can be worn for extended periods of time or overnight without skin irritation. The side panels are ventilated to help maintain dry comfortable skin and resist overheating. Its has Easy-lock fasteners (ELF) can be attached and reattached to any part of the outer fabric. Its very absorbent and comfortable and keeps moisture away from the skin. No leakages and diaper rash. Its absorbs more than any other brand on the market.