HAHAHAHA sorry I'm eating Poppycorn or is it puppycorn

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Puppycorn (@Skulldevimon) | Twitter

took a break from finals to work on coms and FINALLY finish these two little draws of my precious baby mim

(mim is a puppycorn for those wondering)

Then I drew a picture of a puppycorn following a skyfish because I can’t think of anything happier than this and I don’t think I’ll ever be sad again now

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Puppycorn by TashaAkaTachi on DeviantArt

The REAL first video of Morning Coffee featuring me! Talking! With Twitter's @nerdpimp! At balticon! It's AWWWWWWWWWESOME! Sadly puppycorn free, however.

If you are wondering what is this special puppycorn, then you should watch the video below. I would really like to advise you to consider buying one of these puppycorns because trust me your life will change forever for good. There is nothing more adorable than watching these little drops of heaven getting around the house. Their cute barks would fill your heart with so much love and happiness. Trust me, if you love animals, and especially dogs, you should buy one of these bowls.