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Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes 25 ct, Twin Pack



Since debuting in March, Keeki Pure and Simple products have been picked up by a growing number of local stores, including Forest Hills Foods in Cascade Township, Panacea’s in Rockford, Hop Scotch Children’s Store in Eastown and Harvest Health Foods.

We believe that taking care of oneself involves a holistic approach to health. The Naturally you…Pure and Simple organic product line was created for the purpose of supporting that lifestyle.

Our organic skincare products are a natural and effective way to get your skin feeling and looking radiant. They work with your skin to enhance its regenerative and healing properties.

Our skincare products are chemical and pesticide free, meaning they are better for your body and the environment.

The result of a holistic approach is that your skin will be cared for with pure and simple products containing no harmful ingredients or preservatives. Additionally, we only use amber glass packaging to protect both you and the integrity of our organic ingredients.

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Contains soybeans, honey, chamomile, palm oil and rapeseed oil