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Ethan being retarded on his bike

Was looking at using a 2 dial nitrous controller as a timer to activate my dyna 2 stage timing retard unit on our bike. Any one gone down this track ? At the moment we are activating one stage of retard with a timer activated off the 2 step switch, want to have more control over the time out hence the thought of a nitrous controller ? As the retard unit needs to see 12v to activate how will this go with the stutter system on a nos controller or will the first detection of 12v be enough to activate it ?

The next question is, watching the timing light, the advance retard on my bike goes from about 3degrees BTDC at idle to the 31 degrees at around 5000rpm. is this normal. I don't seem to remember it moving that much in the old days when they had the springs and fly weight.

Retard on dirt bike jumping ramp

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fat kid vs 6 foot hoop and retard on bike