It works (not as good, as Snap Links, but functionality is similar).

Set of 4 - 3 Inch Stainless Steel 304 Spring, Snap, Link, Hook, Clip Carabiner-Keychain, Keyring/Camping/Fishing/Traveling/Hiking/dog leash...etc.. Set of 4 (Not used for climbing)

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Snap Links Plus 2.2 is now available

Before using a position a home gym or a commercial gym, insure that the spring of the associated snap link is functioning and is strong enough to completely close the locking tab and that the locking tab seats correctly. If you notice any defect in one of the gym's snap links, replace it before using that position. A test of all of the snap links on a gym should also be done as part of a routine preventive maintenance program done by the gym's service provider.

When you consider the type of injuries that could occur as the result of a failed snap link on a gym, like a lat bar slamming into a person's head, the cost of replacing the defective link is an inexpensive, wise investment in safety. Some snap links have been replaced by S-hooks, which are extremely dangerous and should be replaced immediately. The S-hooks should not be used on gym's to connect lat bars or other removable gym attachments, because they do not lock closed and allow the gym attachment to come off the end of the gym cable without warning.

Snap Links Plus 2.2 pre 42 is now available

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  • Snap Links Plus 2.2 pre 16 is now available

    Chrome: Like its , Snap Links Lite for Chrome allows you to select multiple text links by right-clicking and holding, then opens them all in tabs when you release. It's handy for blog reading, research, and other web explorations.

    Unlike its Firefox brethren, Snap Links Lite doesn't offer any configuration of which button creates the drag-to-select box, or what happens when you release the right button. It simply opens whatever you have highlighted in your rectangle in separate new tabs. That in itself is pretty helpful when you come across a list of software options, related news stories, or other listed links. That's all there is to Snap Links Lite at the moment, but it's yet another helpful functionality making its way from Firefox to Chrome.