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Timex T276B Stereo Clock Radio (Nature and Bell Sounds, Auto-Set) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)


this was their first actual stereo

Details: Garage rain or shine.
Notable Items: Craftman radial arm saw, 9 drawer dresser and mirror, 10" Craftman compound miter saw, Soundesign Stereo Radio, record player, cassette player, vintage hand tools, 8 track tapes... and much more.

Lester Wiggler attributes his survival through the summer of 1977 solely to the Soundesign clock radio. The radio sat on the shelf above the condiment table at the Hog n' Jog Drive-in in Dothan, Alabama. Lester worked at the Hog n' Jog as a grill cook during the long hot summer of '77. The restaurant owner, Milton Sidaphries allowed the boys in the kitchen to listen to the radio at a "reasonable" volume. So when Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven came on the radio, Lester knew he would have almost 8 minutes of mental respite will grilling Hog n' Jog deluxe burgers. He would watch the numbers slowly flip as Jimmy Page's guitar riffs melded with the sound of sizzling burgers.

Soundesign 3428 Clock Radio - YouTube

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I finally managed to reconnect with a clock radio from my youth, ..

Here's a super nice Soundesign clock radio featuring the collectible flip number time display. It shows it as model # 3356 and a manufacture date of 8/76- made in Hong Kong. This working AM/FM clock radio is ready to make a new home in your 1970's themed decor. The radio is 14" across, 6.25" wide and stands 4" high. It is finished in faux woodgrain, faux brushed aluminum and real brushed aluminum. It has a volume, tone control slider knobs as well as a ear phone plug. It also has a funky dial that spins (in between the clock and radio displays).