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Hamilton Beach Digital Steamer - 5.5 Quart (37530A)

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Home Image 2.4-liter Steam Cooker

There are YouTube videos showing exactly how to program and set the steam-release valve. The new ones won’t allow you to set it wrong. See Flo Lim on YouTube for recipes, and how to use the cooker. From rice to roast beef, you can’t go wrong with steam cooking. Every review of the cookers was a rave. There was not one bad review.

*Distribute the vegetables in the sieve for steam cooking according to their strength, so that at the bottom of the sieve put the stronger – root vegetables (carrots, celery) and in the upper part put the softer ones (broccoli, cauliflower).

Food Steamer (KL-916B) - China Food Steamer, Steam Cooker

Dear Customer,

Congratulations. You are now the proud owner of a product that is being extensively used by health conscious people in many parts of the world with various benefits.

Food should be light, refreshing and energizing. It should bring to the table the cool colors, fragrance and breeze from the garden, sea or mountain. This does not really mean that all food should be cold or frozen - but it does definitely means that the food should not be fried, greasy or over spiced and now you can get all these benefits only in STEEMO MULTI STEAM COOKER.

1. Unbreakable Poly Carbonate Food Grade 2 Tier Jars.
2. Fully Compressed & Concealed 600 W Heater.
3. Double Thermostat for Dry Run Protection.
4. Auto Stop 60 Minute Timer.
5. 230V 50 Hz 600 W.

Commercial Steam Cookers | ENERGY STAR

*Steam cooking depends on what kind of cookware you have chosen. If you bought an electric steam cooking appliance, you will follow the producer’s instructions.

Steam cooker for the healthy cooking of food without burning vitamins, water inflow delimiter - quick steam generation, 3 steam cooker containers (1 lid, 1 rise bowl). High-grade steel base, programable digital-timer. Including blue illuminated LCD-display (liquid-crystal display)
LED display: power, heat, wait, prog. Indicator Light. Drip pan for collecting liquids. Removable container bottom. Water level indicator. Add more water during operation. Overheating protection
Easy to clean
Power supply: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power unit: 700-800 W