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STICK TV’s App Builder is the good news for a number of idea creators who could not launch their services for they did not have the platform and service app even when they have various contents and the members to which they could provide services. It allows you to link various social services, keep the communication going through the messaging, comment, like feature, and compose the app anew anytime with various features added.

When you have an idea for a service, the rest will be provided by STICK TV platform. Plan a service by deciding whether you want an entertainment service, eLearning lecture service, a service for large and small community gatherings, an app for the company you run, a live app connecting to CCTVs of a restaurant, a live broadcast service that announces the events of the school or the company, or a TV or radio broadcast station running for 24 hours, and the rest will be provided by STICK TV platform.

Amazon Fire TV Stick connects to your TV's HDMI port

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From cloud media service platform to native app builder, STICK TV provides various intuitive and powerful features that handle everything once you plan the contents and services.

I am looking to get an amazon firestick tv, but I live in colombia. if I chipped (unlocked) the fire stick and used it in Colombia would I have to further use the or would it just automatically work?