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How the 'baker's daughter' and the 'beer and braai boy' got into raw food?

Don't believe everything we say! To see what other people have experienced by attending our Raw Food Course and introducing more natural foods into their diets check out their feedback.

If you would like to register for our next Raw Food Course in your area go to our Events Schedule and select the course you wish to attend and fill in a registration form.

You can join our raw food forum if you want to ask questions and learn what's potting in South Africa's blossoming Raw Food-Superfood community.

Let's go shopping!
We have created a fully stocked Superfoods webshop with all the superfoods and raw foods that we like to use and that make this lifestyle 100% fun, enjoyable and delicious. We have secure credit card facilities or EFT options plus courier, post or collection dispatch methods to choose from.

To have a look at our recommended reading list & inspirational DVDs, South African & International resources lists plus more valuable information about health and wellness
visit our Links page.

We have also created a shopping list for stocking your cupboards to make the transition to a healthy lifestyle simpler for you. Click here to see what our Raw Food Kitchen looks like along with our cupboard stock-list.

Wenn Superfood im Shop gekauft wird, sollte man auf jeden Fall darauf achten, dass oder Rohkostqualität angeboten wird. Nur so kann man davon ausgehen, dass alle Nährstoffe erhalten geblieben sind und das das Superfood auch voll seine Wirkung entfalten kann.

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