This Man Found A Toy Guitar In Walmart

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He Grabs A Toy Guitar In Walmart

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This is my rendition of the great Stevie Ray Vaughan's song, Pride and Joy... done on a toy guitar at walmart at 3 in the morning.

These guys are undeniable proof that you don’t need expensive instruments and fancy equipment to completely rock out. While one of the provides lead vocals and lead guitar, the other one captures everything with his cell phone and occasionally joins the vocals too. Here’s their rendition of the great Stevie Ray Vaughan’s song, Pride and Joy…done on a toy guitar at Walmart at 3 in the morning.

Twitter; He Grabs A Toy Guitar In Walmart

Man Plays Kid Toy Guitar In Walmart

Pride and Joy on a Toy Guitar at Walmart! [VIDEO]

When Clay Shelburn and Zac Stokes stumbled upon a toy guitar in Walmart, they proved that you don't need fancy equipment or pricey instruments or a great location to rock out—Walmart will do just fine. However, despite their department store performance, Clay and Zac are both Texan musicans; Clay is the lead vocalist for his band, the , and Zac is a country musician in his own band, the . Both of these young men are extremely talented—I'll definitely be checking out more of their music!

A true musician is one who can create music from seemingly anything. They’re so talented that they can blow you away when you least expect it. The guy in the video below is one of these truly gifted people. Using a plastic toy guitar from Walmart, he completely rocks out with it and does so in a fashion that would put professional musicians to shame.