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When I measured the total distance, it turned out that I needed one USB cable about 15 metres long -around 49 feet-.Not knowing the 3-metre limit of "low speed" usb devices, I simply thought of getting enough "A-A" USB extension cablesand chaining those together to achieve the desired total length. The normal extension cables are dubbed "A-A" becausethey feature male and female versions of the "A" plug that inserts on a PC, allowing it be chained to another cable orusb peripheral with "A" plug. Those cables are inexpensive; you can buy a 12 feet extension cable for . If you fall intothis mistake like me, you'll happily return home with several a-a extension cables in hand, plug one after the other,until you finally reach your USB device (in my case, the webcam). But such joy will vanish quickly, as you find outthere's a limit on how far USB signals can go. Yes, the USB FAQ was right.

Our Belkin USB Extension Cable extends your existing USB device cable by 10 feet. With this handy Cable, you'll never have to struggle with cables that are too short while connecting your printer, scanner, drive, or adapter. Molded-strain relief construction and PVC overmolding ensure a lifetime of error-free transmissions and our Flextec cable jacket is flexible for use in tight areas.

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The packaging says that you can "chain up to five of these units for a total cable length of 80 feet". However,spending on several units might not be even required, so experiment before getting half a dozen units. I was able tochain a SINGLE usb repeater cable connected to three regular 9-feet (A-A) usb extension cables -one before the unit andtwo after it-, and my webcam has been flawlessly (knock on wood) ever since. Without the active USBrepeater in the middle, the device wouldn't even be recognized by the PC due to the signal loss as shown in the imagesabove.

Brushless gimbals controllers (BGCs) and flight controllers (FCs) all use USB ports for programing, unfortunately they tend to be fragile. It's not so much of a problem when the boards are free from the multirotor, it's when they are wired in. Plugging into them can be a bit fiddly; use too much force, or plug into them too often and they can break - scrapping your expensive PCB in the process! This USB extension cable solves the problem. Simply leave it plugged in and position the output in an accessible place. It only weighs 10 grams so its weight isn't a big issue.