Virgils Root Beer, Los Angeles, CA

Virgil's, Root Beer, 4-Pack, 12 oz each


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They Make a Virgils Zero Rootbeer, sweetened with Stevia if u wanted a no sugar (although not exactly paleo either).. found it at Whole Foods

Your primary photo made me smile. When I come to the US each year one of the first things I grab is a bottle of Virgils Root Beer. It is SO GOOD. Full on ginger. LOVE it. The Cherry is good too but the Root beer kicks. Time for a trip I think!

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  • Virgils 28224 Virgils Root Beer, Micro Brewed, 12 Fo, Pack Of 6

    Every root beer is different. Its a type of soda, and they all balance the flavors differently. My personal favorites are Virgils number one, and Henry Weinhardts number two. Virgils cream soda is in my top two for that category as well (a wisconsin brand with a yellow jacket or bumblebee on it is tied with it), and number one in black cherry cream soda. Henry W’s is in my top two for orange cream soda, but virgils isnt because it tastes more like sparkling orange sprite and isnt creamy enough for me (does have a nice crisp bite to it though). If you dont like anise/ licorice then you wont like it as much as the other root beers that are heavier on the wintergreen. Virgil’s is actually a bit light on the wintergreen taste, but it ‘s a good balance and very unique. Id much rather have virgils root beer than an IBC, Daddy’s, A&W, or supermarket brand root beer. Looking forward to trying Dr. Better by Virgils.