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One of the big plans is to integrate Online feature that will allow you to play Multi-player games with other x360 emulator users. There is some great advance in this field in latest Beta version which has “Simulated LAN” feature. This allows you to play in Coop and MP via LAN or Hamachi. The last but not least ,we plan is integrating Xbox 360 Live to our emulator to turn it to the best Xbox 360 emulation software available.

Hi there. We are happy to announce the release of xBx360 3.0! The newest version of XBOX 360 Emulator introduces few completely new features. Also, a large part of the code of xBx360 has been rewritten for better performance and higher framerate.

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Hi there. It’s been a long time since the latest release of xBx360 so it’s time to show a new one. Version 2.6 features two new resolutions. Also few other resolutions have been improved for better performance on older computers. Note that we are working on version 3.0 of the XBOX 360 Emulator. It’ll be released in few months, but don’t worry – we will publish some new minor updates soon. Thanks for reporting bugs and crashes, it really helps.

Hi! Today we decided to release the 2.5 version of xBx360, the favourite software of every true gamer. This version isn’t a big deal – we just introduced a few minor improvements without adding any new features, resolutions or something. This small update reminds but in fact it’s even smaller. However we actually work on new features and we promise to include them in the next XBOX 360 Emulator release.