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GreenWorks 25022 12 Amp Corded 20-Inch Lawn Mower

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3-in-1 functions: side discharge, mulch and rear bag

Bought a 24 V Yardworks cordless lawnmower 2 years ago from Canadian Tire. The first summer, it cut both the back and front lawns on one charge. The second summer, I had to charge it twice (one charge for the front lawn and one charge for the back lawn). This year, I can't get the green light to come on no matter how long I try to charge the battery. I did not charge it every 2 weeks, as recommended, and I did not bring it inside for the winter. Perhaps if I'd done those things, it would still…

I have both a 20hp yardworks lawnmower and tractor. I've owned the lawnmower for over 5 years and the tractor for two. Other than routine maintenance they both start like a charm each time. Three pumps to prime the mower and away you go. May bog occassionally when I go more than a week cutting the lawn, but if your expecting a mower to cut through two feet high grass maybe it's time to invest in some farm equipment instead…

Description: YARDWORKS 20 INCH Lawnmower

I have some of the YARDWORKS riding lawnmower gocarts that Canadian Tire sold years ago, the cables to activate deck and release brake are damaged, broken and fallen apart, and there are some parts missing. Also belts are broken now, I am looking to buy the parts to repair or replace the cables and the belts, new or used, or a complete or partial cart for parts. Also interested in hearing from anyone who has one or knows about them, looking for manuals or parts lists, or any information about who sells parts for them. They were made in Germany by WOLF-Garten. If you have any parts or information please Email, Thanks

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